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Molson Coors invests CAD 10m in Canadian brewery 

Molson Coors has announced a CAD 10 million (approx. $7.33 million) investment in its St. John’s brewery in Newfoundland, Canada, aiming to reduce water and electrical consumption and improve production efficiency. Since 2007, the St. John's brewery has benefited from over CAD 33 million in investments, including the installation of a new wet mill, bottle and can fillers and an ultramodern can packer that has eliminated the need for plastic packaging, among other upgrades to both the facility and its equipment. The brewery's most recent investment, a CAD 10 million upgrade for a bottle washer, has resulted in reduced water and electrical consumption. Over the past eight years, process changes such as waste segregation for enhanced recycling and a rejected bottle recovery line, have resulted in 69% less waste from the St John’s brewery being sent to landfill. Frederic Landtmeters, president of Molson Coors Canada, said: "Molson Coors has made strategic decisions over the past several years that reflect our unwavering commitment to maintaining a strong and vibrant presence in our brewery communities... We've invested not just in our business, but in the community that has supported us for decades. We have the utmost confidence in the future of this region, and we're excited to continue our journey together, raising a glass to a prosperous future." Sean Kennedy, general manager of operations for Atlantic Canada, added: "Our investments and process improvements have led to a remarkable transformation in our capacity, efficiency, and environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation has not only reduced our carbon footprint but also increased our brewing and packaging capabilities."


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