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My/Mochi introduces new cookie dough flavour

Global mochi ice cream producer My/Mochi has unveiled a new flavour variant in time for the festive season, Cookie Dough. The new Cookie Dough mochi wraps cookie-flavoured ice cream, chocolate chips and chunks of real cookie dough in the brand’s signature rice mochi dough. The new flavour is the brand’s first to include ‘bakery mix-ins’ (the real cookie dough), which are said to introduce a new level of indulgence and texture. The brand also announced the return of its Cool Peppermint mochi, which features creamy peppermint ice cream with minty bits, wrapped in a sweet Japanese mochi dough. Brigette Wolf, chief marketing officer at My/Mochi, said: "Holidays are all about fun and family, but let's face it, sometimes we need a little snack to keep us joyfully chill. Our Cool Peppermint and Cookie Dough mochi ice creams are the perfect way to get a taste of these iconic holiday flavours – with only 90 calories.” Earlier this year, My/Mochi debuted a number of new products including a new line of Mochi in the Morning smoothie-inspired mochi balls. These feature fruit puree wrapped in rice mochi dough, providing antioxidants and a source of vitamins B and C, and are available in strawberry banana and mixed berry flavours. The new ice creams are available at select US retailers for RRP $5.99 per six-pack.


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