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MyOva introduces new line of teas targeting hormonal health

Women’s hormonal health brand MyOva has introduced three new botanical teas crafted to address hormone issues that many women face on a daily basis. With the new line, which includes Hormonal Balance Tea, Pre + Post Menstrual Support Tea and Digestive Support Tea, MyOva is expanding beyond its usual focus of PCOS support to address a broader range of hormonal issues. Each tea, formulated by a naturopath and herbalist, is crafted with a blend of botanical ingredients and vitamins, specifically targeting and alleviating common hormonal concerns. The new Hormonal Balance Tea is said to be a ‘delicate and uplifting’ blend of botanical herbs including vitamin B6 to support hormonal regulation, Ceylon cinnamon bark to maintain normal blood glucose levels and ashwagandha root to help counter the effects of stress. It also includes spearmint, ginger root and shatavari to help regulate menstrual cycles. MyOva’s new Pre + Post Menstrual Support Tea is formulated to offer support during the second half of ones menstrual cycle. This tea is enriched with vitamin B6, Ceylon cinnamon bark and Rose petals to enhance mental balance, promote better sleep and create a radiant complexion. It also includes nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, lemon balm leaf and rosemary leaf. Finally, the company’s Digestive Support Tea is a balancing botanical blend formulated to promote digestive comfort. The tea includes cardamom pods for digestion, fennel fruit for the digestive tract and marshmallow for gastrointestinal health. The blend is said to ensure optimum digestive comfort, keeping a balanced gut and includes ginger root, fennel fruit, cardamom pod, lemon balm leaf, gentian root, chamomile flower, marshmallow root and vitamin B6. All three teas are loose leaf – MyOva says that using freshly prepared botanical leaves and flowers aids in preserving essential oils and maximising antioxidants. This latest line is set to help women combat hormone issues from bloating and fatigue to PMS. MyOva’s founder Leila Martyn said: "At MyOva, our commitment has always been to empower women with science-backed, natural solutions for their wellbeing. With this new range, we are expanding our offerings to provide even more holistic options for managing female hormonal health.” She continued: “While MyOva has been synonymous with addressing PCOS-related concerns, we believe that hormonal balance is essential for all women, regardless of their specific health backgrounds. By introducing products beyond PCOS, we aim to cater to a wider audience and contribute to the overall wellness journey of women everywhere."


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