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New line of sugar- and calorie-free fizzy water launches into Iceland

British musician Aitch has launched a new range of flavoured fizzy waters exclusively into Iceland stores across the UK. The carbonated waters, named Syps, contain zero calories and are sugar-free, and come in three flavour varieties – strawberry, peach and lemon and lime. Developed to replace calorific sodas and increase hydration, Syps is said to provide the flavour and fizz sensation of a classic fizzy drink, but without the “sugary downside”. Harrison ‘Aitch’ Armstrong, Syps’ founder, said: “I started Syps because I needed to drink more water but was addicted to fizzy drinks. Water just wasn’t hitting the spot in the same way. So, I thought why not make the best fizzy flavoured water in the world and here it is: zero sugar, zero calories, maximum flavour and loads of fizz. I’m really excited to be sharing this with everyone and hope it helps us all stay hydrated.” The line took just under a year of development and has launched into all 1200 Iceland stores across the UK, for an RRP of £1.50 per can.


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