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Nissin Foods USA launches chilli-infused noodles

Nissin Foods USA is introducing a new brand, Geki, into its instant noodle portfolio with the launch of a chilli-infused noodle innovation. Geki, which means ‘extreme’ in Japanese, is designed for spice enthusiasts in pursuit of a spicier, authentic Asian meal at home. Its first consumer offering, Geki Fiery Hot Chicken, introduces a new advanced manufacturing technology developed by Nissin, infusing real chilli flakes directly into the round noodles to generate a red hue and fiery heat. The heat from the noodles is balanced with a hot chicken seasoning packet. Priscila Stanton, senior vice president of marketing at Nissin Foods USA, said: “We know that spicy food experiences are embedded in American culture and a recent food industry study found that 65% of consumers are choosing spicy meals when cooking at home”. “We wanted to find an innovative solution that not only satisfies consumer cravings for heat, but also delivers on our mission to provide meals of value that are both convenient and delicious, while providing a spicy foundation for culinary creativity in American kitchen.” Geki is available for SRP $1.39 at Sam’s Club online and in its locations across the US, as well as launching on Amazon this month. It will soon roll out at grocery stores.


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