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Ofi opens dairy facility in New Zealand

Ofi has opened the first phase of its new dairy processing plant in Tokoroa, New Zealand. The facility aims to meet increasing demand by producing dairy ingredients such as whole milk powder. It will focus on key customer applications in dessert, bakery, beverage and confectionery categories. Sandeep Jain, managing director and CEO of dairy at Ofi, commented: “As we continue to expand our dairy manufacturing capabilities and innovation infrastructure, the new Tokoroa plant will become part of a global network that spans major milk consumption markets, such as South-East Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa". "The new plant also complements a suite of enhancements made to Ofi’s dairy production facility and Ingredient Excellence Centre (IEC) in Johor, Malaysia, back in September – which, combined with our Customer Solutions Center based in Singapore, enables us to co-create bespoke food and beverage solutions for our customers. Our dairy business is well positioned to serve increased demand from our global customer base and co-create innovative applications at scale – driving additional focus on the value-added capabilities within our portfolio.” According to the company, the Tokoroa dairy ingredients form part of Ofi's extensive natural ingredients portfolio, which includes cocoa, coffee, nuts and spices. This diverse range enables tailored product solutions like yogurts, protein bars and ready-to-drink tea, coffee and cocoa beverages. The new facility enhances Ofi's global footprint, driving stronger customer partnerships and reinforcing co-creation capabilities in the region. In the next investment phase, the facility will undergo enhancements to develop high-value dairy ingredients, expanding Ofi's product range. The expansion aims to explore opportunities for increasing the value of milk, ultimately providing improved returns for farmer partners "while delivering on its ambition to produce ingredients in a way that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable," said Ofi. Naval Sabri, Senior Vice President, Dairy, at ofi said: “The enthusiastic response we’ve received from local farmers shows that our partnership approach, and ofi’s global reputation as a leading dairy ingredients provider and innovator, has struck a chord with them.” “The dairy ingredients we’re now producing are nutritious and highly versatile with a desirable texture and flavor. They can be used in many applications from ice cream and yogurts, bakery goods and confectionery items, through to coffee, tea and cocoa beverages,” he said. In addition, Ofi's new facility will meet customer demands for innovation, traceability and sustainable sourcing. It provides an opportunity for partners interested in securing ingredients from New Zealand's high-quality milk pool to collaborate on sustainability initiatives.


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