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Pep2Dia, a bioactive that regulates blood sugar levels after meals

Pep2dia is a 100% natural ingredient obtained from French milk, helping people who want to maintain healthy blood sugar and improve their health. Its function? To better regulate sugar levels in the blood (glycaemia) after meals. How does it work? It contains an AP dipeptide (Alanine-Proline), which has the property of inhibiting alpha-glucosidase (an intestinal enzyme), ensuring the transformation of complex sugars into simple sugars (glucose) in order to allow them to circulate in the blood. Thanks to its composition, Pep2Dia reduces the blood sugar content after eating (postprandial blood sugar). Following the ingestion of carbohydrates, the body regulates blood sugar (glycaemia) through the production of insulin in the pancreas, facilitating the circulation of glucose in the body. This glucose is the first energy source that can be activated by the body, and so provides a reduction in the glycaemia found in the blood. Preclinical and clinical Pep2Dia studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in postprandial blood sugar levels, as well as the absence of side effects and toxicity. Following the completion of preclinical and clinical trials proving its efficacy and safety, Pep2Dia has been marketed as an ingredient to help regulate blood sugar. 100% safe, it meets the requirements of numerous standards, labels and recommendations for good practice. Contact us at


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