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PlantBaby announces launch of organic macadamia milk

PlantBaby is expanding its Kiki Milk portfolio with the addition of a macadamia nut variety. The organic, clean-label milk alternative is made using whole-food ingredients, including macadamia nuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, sprouted pumpkin seeds, oats, coconut sugar, coconuts and marine minerals. "Since launching Kiki Milk in December of 2021, we've seen a consistent rise in demand for products that are free of gums, inflammatory oils and fillers, while boasting whole-food and nutrient-rich ingredients," said Alex and Lauren Abelin, co-founders of PlantBaby. "We realised no true, all-organic and real-tasting mac nut milk has existed on the market so we wanted to change that and create a wildly delicious and nutritious product free of gums and fillers for everyone to enjoy." Mac Nut Kiki Milk does not contain seed oils, gums, refined sugars, or common allergens like soy and gluten, according to PlantBaby. It is also carbon neutral.


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