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ProAmpac launches recyclable high-barrier fibre packaging

ProAmpac has launched a recyclable high-barrier fibre-based solution designed for thermoforming applications. ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt is suitable for various products, including chilled cooked meats, cold cuts, sliced cheese and fish. According to the company, FibreSculpt offers a wide range of sustainability benefits. It is lightweight, reducing packaging compared to alternatives like thermoformed materials. Engineered to maintain thermoforming line speed, it increases yield per roll, enhancing transportation efficiency and reducing changeover times on the filling line. Additionally, it is kerbside recyclable, meeting OPRL compliance standards with over 90% fibre content. Ali McNulty, market manager for ProAmpac, said: "ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt complies with OPRL guidelines and boasts over 90% fibre content. This latest innovation underscores ProAmpac's unwavering commitment to helping brands meet their sustainability goals." Adam West, ProAmpac’s product development engineer in Europe, added: “ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt has excellent grease resistance for optimum shelf appearance and a very high barrier to maintain product shelf life. Coupled with ProAmpac’s high-barrier top web solutions with paper texture, ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt provides customers with a more sustainable and premium flexible packaging platform."


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