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Pukpip announces launch of frozen snack Real Banana Bites

Pukpip has unveiled its next frozen treat Real Banana Bites, the new product comprises 16 slices of frozen banana, dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or peanut butter. The three new frozen variants will be launched to market in March 2024. Both the dark chocolate and the peanut butter variants will be vegan, and each pouch will contain 4 servings. Pukpip first launched in January with boxes of 3 chocolate-dipped frozen bananas in milk or dark chocolate. A white chocolate variant was added to the range in July. Zara Godfrey, managing director of Pupkip, commented: “Following the fantastic response to our frozen bananas, we are super excited to bring a sharing bag option to shelves". Pukpip’s bananas are responsibly sourced by using bananas that have been rejected from export due to small imperfections on their skin or because they are the wrong shape or size. The banana peels are then upcycled back into the ecosystem.  Zara continued: “The indulgent frozen fruit category has already been proven in the US, and with discussion in the UK rightly focussed on ultra processed foods now, we know consumers are looking for more real fruit products without artificial ingredients. Our Real Banana Bites are made with real banana slices and chocolate or peanut butter, nothing artificial. Bites deliver on convenience as well as permissible indulgence, allowing consumers to treat themselves, while getting more fruit into the diet.” Real Banana Bites will be available from March 2024.


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