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Roar Organic adds to line of beverage products

Roar Organic is adding a new flavour to its Complete Hydration line and debuting Roar Plus Powders. The latest flavour to join Roar's functional hydration and wellness beverage portfolio is a “refreshingly sweet and mildly tart” offering. The brand is also debuting its Roar Plus line, which consists of naturally flavoured vitamin and electrolyte drink mixes available on QVC and online. Roar Plus contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes, and is also boosted with 1,000mg of vitamin C, as well as added zinc, elderberry and green tea polyphenols, with only 2g of sugar and 20 calories per single-serve stick. Roar Plus comes in two flavours: Berry Lemonade, which features a fruity and tangy taste, and Strawberry Watermelon, bursting with strawberry and watermelon flavours. Bill Lange, president at Roar Organic, said: “We are incredibly excited about the powders launch as it gives us the opportunity to expand into a trending category and allows us to provide another hydration solution to Roar consumers”.


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