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SaliCrop develops seed treatment to transform desert into arable land

Israel-based agritech start-up SaliCrop has developed a new seed treatment capable of transforming dry landscapes into flourishing grounds for growing food. With its expertise in desert technology, the company created a non-GMO approach to strengthen seeds' resilience to abiotic stresses, which is brought by extreme climate challenges. SaliCrop's solution can help increase crop cultivation in arid regions, raising yields and elevating the value of marginal lands, resulting in greater food security for the future. Sharon Devir, co-founder and active chairperson of SaliCrop, said: "The greatest concern occupying farmers today is how to maintain yields in the face of volatile and harsh climate conditions which lead to poor soil quality. More than 830 million hectares of agricultural land is now salty. Abiotic stresses are responsible for 30-50% loss of agricultural productivity worldwide. This amounts to a colossal $170 billion in revenue losses yearly. Our solution centered on countering this by helping farmers who grow crops in vast open fields." Currently, the company is conducting field trials across Europe, Africa and India, focusing on open field crops such as onions, broccoli, chili rice and more. In addition, SaliCrop is actively selling treated tomato seeds on 700 hectares in Israel.


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