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Shugao and Nabla partner to provide processing solution

Shugao has signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Nabla Solution at Agroprodmash Exhibition 2023. Through the partnership with Nabla Solution, which provides a total packing solution for global dairy, beverage and liquor producers, Shugao can bring its processing technology and equipment to food and beverage producers worldwide. Shugao specialises in providing processing technology and equipment for the production of dairy, beverages, sauces, pet food, and other food and beverage products. With its dedication to the industry, it has successfully served over 80 food and beverage producers in China, such as Yili, Mengniu Dairy, Wondersun, Mars, Kerry, Cargill, Döhler and Gambol. Consumers’ demand for safe, flavourful and healthy food and beverage products is evolving, especially after the pandemic, which requires producers to utilise more advanced processing technology in production. Competing in one of the most crowded markets, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness are fundamental considerations for producers. Shugao and Nabla’s collaborative capability of providing the tailored processing solution can help each producer meet its own specific needs with cost-effective investment for the production lines. Before the producers receive the equipment, Shugao can provide 3D layout design and conduct a comprehensive test simulating the actual production settings at its manufacturing facility. This ensures the functionality and quality of the equipment in advance, minimising costs and efforts on commissioning for producers. The equipment has precise and automatic control of operational settings, as well as the implementation of resource-saving and energy-recovery technology. Taking Shugao’s Infusion/Injection UHT Sterilizer as an example, it has accurate control of the temperature and time, minimising the chemical changes in the product and saving the nutrition and flavour of the product. Its automatic control of steam pressure and flow rate ensures a consistent product quality. The instant sterilisation and CIP (cleaning-in-place) system contributes to a longer operating time. For milk, the steriliser can continuously process for 12 hours. In terms of energy recovery, Shugao’s Tubular UHT Sterilizer has up to 85% heat energy recovery rate, which optimises operational efficiency. Nabla Solution and Shugao share the same philosophy of providing value-added services to producers, and that is the key reason for the collaboration between the two parties. The partnership enables Nabla Solution and Shugao to provide better services to global producers by leveraging their combined expertise and resources.

With Nabla Solution’s local spare parts warehouse and global technical resources, international producers now benefit from fast-response spare parts supply and technical services for Shugao manufactured equipment. Nabla Solution totally understands that food and beverage producers are very invested in uninterrupted production, and that’s why they allocate local technical experts for prompt and professional technical support on customer sites. The partnership between Nabla Solution and Shugao foresees unlimited possibilities for global producers. Jiamin Xu, general manager of Shugao, said: “We are excited to work with Nabla to better serve the international customers. Our technology is continuously being enhanced, and we are confident to present Chinese R&D and manufacturing capabilities to the world.”

About Shugao As the partner of Nabla Solution, Shanghai Shugao Mechanical & Electronic Co specialises in processing technology and processing equipment manufacturing, which is widely applicable to dairy, whipped cream, beverages, sauces, pet food and food flavour production. Reach Nabla Solution to explore more information about Shugao. About Nabla Solution Nabla provides tailor-made packing solutions for carton, PET, can and glass filling systems to dairy, beverage and liquor producers, covering packaging materials, machines, spare parts and auxiliaries, along with technical and marketing services. More information about Nabla Solution is available here.


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