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SIG to develop 90% fibre aseptic cartons

SIG has announced that it will develop a full-barrier aluminium-free aseptic packaging structure with at least 90% fibre content by 2030. The Swiss packaging company said the plans to raise the proportion of fibre in its aseptic cartons, improving recyclability, will include an interim target of at least 85% by 2025. Increasing the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified fibre content of the cartons and expanding its aluminium-free solutions are key steps toward the company’s ultimate ambition to enable its carton packs to be recycled anywhere in the world. Samuel Sigrist, CEO at SIG, said: “Our carton packs have a low energy intensity, are produced with 100% renewable electricity, and consist predominantly of renewable resources from the forest. Now we want to take this even further by increasing collection and recycling of cartons through existing beverage carton recycling systems, and via paper streams.” Sigrist added that increasing fibre content in aseptic cartons aligns with the wider trend towards paperisation in the packaging industry. “The FSC-certified renewable paperboard used in our packs ensures that we are promoting responsible forestry practices that prioritise biodiversity conservation.” SIG described its commitments as an important step as part of a wider transition within the packaging industry and wider society toward a circular economy, with growing consumer demand for more sustainable packaging an “important pull factor” for food and beverage companies to implement changes.


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