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Spirit of Gallo buys US canned cocktail brand Fishers Island Lemonade

Spirit of Gallo says it will acquire Fishers Island Lemonade, a US-based beverage brand serving craft lemonade canned cocktails. Fishers Island Lemonade original (9% ABV) is well-established in the ready-to-drink (RTD) category, and is made using spirits such as barrel-aged whiskey and premium vodka, as well as lemon and honey. Launched in 2014 by founder Bronya Shillo, Fishers complements Spirit of Gallo's canned cocktail portfolio, which includes its High Noon vodka-based canned hard seltzers. This latest purchase aims to offer US consumers a "unique taste of island life". Britt West, SVP and general manager of Spirit of Gallo, notes that: "In the ready-to-drink category, consumers are trading up to spirits-based cocktails and demanding more full-flavoured, higher ABV products, reflecting the overall trend of spirits premiumisation in the US". He continued: "Spirit of Gallo is so honoured that has entrusted us with her visionary idea, and we are galvanised to work with her as she remains on board to guide the brand and serve as its official spokesperson. Together, we will highlight the unique sense and taste of island life to more consumers across the country." Shillo added: "Spirit of Gallo has a proven record of innovation and success in the RTD category and there is no other organisation I would trust to take Fishers Island Lemonade to the next level. I am ecstatic for this opportunity to support and further grow the Fishers Island Lemonade brand." The Fishers Island Lemonade brand also includes Fishers Island Half and Half (7% ABV), cranberry-flavoured Fishers Island Pink Flamingo (7% ABV) and a lighter alcohol variant, Fishers Island Fizz (5% ABV). Last year, E&J Gallo entered the American whiskey category with its purchase of Horse Soldier Bourbon. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


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