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The Collective unveils limited-edition spiced plum and custard yogurt

The Collective has introduced a limited-edition spiced plum and custard-flavoured yogurt. The yogurt is made of "rich and creamy" vanilla custard with a "punchy, spiced plum compote" made with stanley plums. Tor Hunt-Taylor, marketing director of The Collective, said: “We’re delighted to have them back in market, trailblazing on utterly unique flavours and mouth-watering eating experiences. Our role has always been to shake up the dairy category and making things more exciting for consumers, and limited-edition gourmet does this with...unexpected flavour offerings.” The new flavour is part of The Collective's gourmet limited edition, which operates on a six-month rolling agenda. The brand's next seasonal yogurt is scheduled for a March release to align with the spring and summer seasons. The Collective's spiced plum and custard flavour is currently available in Sainsbury’s and Ocado, as well as Waitrose, by the end of the month.


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