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Tim Tam Tummy launches kombucha beverages for children

Tim Tam Tummy has launched what the company describes as the "world's first" kombucha drinks for children. According to the brand, Tim Tam Tummy aims to surpass traditional juice boxes and "other old-school options" by providing families with an alternative that prioritises probiotics.

The drinks are available in four fruity flavours with "gentle carbonation," and includes: Apple Happy Dance, Grape Day to Shine, Mango For It! and Pineapple Party. Tim Tam Tummy provides several benefits, such as offering children 3 billion live probiotics and a daily dose of vitamin C and containing five organic ingredients, as well as being free from artificial additives and alternative sweeteners. Tim Tam Tummy's chief marketing officer, Mary Alice Greco, said: "When it comes to better-for-you beverages, the kids' aisle has been largely left behind. As a new parent, I am searching for organic options that bring nutrition, function, and kid-friendly flavour to the forefront. It's a joy to launch Tim Tam Tummy, filling the gap with a product that addresses parents' and kids' top priorities – digestive health, immune function, convenience and fun."


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