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Vow launches quail parfait, becomes third company to bring cell-based product to market

Australian start-up and cell-based meet pioneer Vow has unveiled Quailia, an entirely new food crafted from a subspecies of the Japanese quail. The launch makes Vow the third company worldwide to market food derived from cultured cells* after Good Meat and Upside Foods received approval and began serving their cell-based chicken in restaurants in Singapore and the US last year. A Vow spokesperson told The Cell Base: "The Singapore Food Agency independently assessed our entire product and process from start to end and concluded that it is completely safe for human consumption. In doing so, Forged Parfait received world-first approval for consumption in Singapore on 20 March 2024." Launched in Singapore, the cultivated quail parfait, named Forged Parfait, is Vow’s flagship product from its new range, Vow Forged. To create Forged Parfait, Vow began with a small sample of cells from a Japanese quail. The company's food scientists identified and isolated the cells that contributed to taste and texture, before moving them to a bioreactor to emulate the natural growth conditions needed to flourish. Vow's chefs then mixed those cells with other ingredients to create Quailia – which is made entirely without serum. In a statement, Vow said: “Unlike its traditional counterpart, Quailia is without a heart, brain, feathers, or bones – its entire body consists only of rich flavours, delicate textures and delectable meat made to be eaten”. Vow’s CEO George Peppou added: “Today we are making history yet again. We tantalised diners around the world with the mammoth meatball, and now we're bringing to life another world-first – an entirely new, utterly delectable animal. Quailia is the ultimate expression of what we do – intentionally create foods unlike anything we’ve had before."

"Forged Parfait combines a flavour and texture combination you can’t find anywhere else. The result is a delightful contradiction rich yet delicate with a unique weightless, melt-in-your-mouth quality.” Forged’s innovations are tapping into increased consumer demand for novelty and never-before-tasted ingredients, creating foods with new flavour and texture combinations. Ryan Clift, a chef who has collaborated with Forged, added: “I’m so blown away by the profile of Forged Parfait. It’s sweet, has a beautiful, delicate flavour, and the texture is always perfect. It’s the perfect parfait.” Forged Parfait will be available to experience first at Mandala Club’s MORI in Singapore from 12-27 April, with continued roll out ‘at some of the finest restaurants in the country' in the coming months. *Israeli start-up

Aleph Farms secured a 'no questions' letter from the Israeli Ministry of Health in January this year, granting approval for the safety of its cell-based beef, but has not yet launched products.


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