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Welch’s launches new beverage made with niagara green grapes

Welch’s has announced the launch of a new range of juice beverages, called Welch’s Grape’ade, which is made with Niagara green grapes and no added sugar.

Availabe in three flavours, strawberry, mango and green grape, Welch’s Grape’ade comes in 16oz bottles for easy portability, with no artificial colours or sweeteners. Each variety delivers a ‘refreshing burst of flavour’ with half the sugar of other similar beverages, said the company.

Chris Kwiat, VP of marketing communication and innovation at Welch’s, said: “The Welch’s Innovation Team has crafted an entirely new ‘ade experience, leveraging our unparalleled expertise at capturing the crisp, tart taste of Niagara green grapes bottled within hours of picking off the vine, to deliver an intensely refreshing twist on the traditional flavour. Grape’ade embodies our commitment to providing delicious, high-quality products that cater to evolving and diverse consumer preferences, even if it means creating an entirely new type of beverage to meet their needs.”

All three flavours will be stocked at various retailers and every Publix store in the southeast US from the beginning of next month, with a nationwide launch scheduled for early 2025.


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