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Worldline and Tabesto partner to introduce all-in-one ordering and payment kiosk

French payment service Worldline has partnered with Tabesto to introduce what they claim is the first all-in-one ordering and payment kiosk, using SoftPOS 'Worldline Tap on Mobile' technology. Tabesto is a French company that specialises in a range of intelligent solutions for the restaurant and retail sectors, focusing on order taking and payment. The Fox ordering and payment kiosk, part of the Tabesto application environment, acts as a payment terminal. It accepts payments through contactless bank cards, PIN codes on the screen, meal vouchers or NFC-enabled e-wallets, thanks to its embedded payment application and NFC sensor at the bottom of the screen. Available in 36 countries, this solution reduces customer wait times and is said to introduce a new ordering experience. According to the companies, Worldline and Tabesto assist restaurant and retail operators in simplifying operational management, cutting costs and optimising carbon footprint by reducing traditional equipment like ticket printers and payment terminals. Guillaume Hourmant, CEO and founder of Tabesto, said: "This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing innovative, cutting-edge solutions for the world's leading retailers. By combining Worldline's payment technology and prestigious customers with our expertise in order taking, we enable merchants to enhance the efficiency of their service while delivering a unique customer experience." Stijn Gasthuys, head of digital commerce and global sales verticals merchant services at Worldline, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Tabesto to launch this revolutionary solution on the retail market. By combining our strengths, we are able to deliver a unique customer experience that pushes the boundaries of innovation within the industry, with innovative solutions that adapt to the needs of consumers and merchants."


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