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Yakult launches Yakult Plus with fibre and vitamin C

Yakult has introduced the new Yakult Plus with fibre and vitamin C to support immunity and feed gut bacteria. The new Yakult Plus contains 20 billion friendly bacteria (L. casei Shirota), scientifically proven to reach the gut alive and fibre that can feed the bacteria in the gut. Yakult Plus is 30 calories a bottle, fat-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. Hiroaki Yoshimura, MD for Yakult UK & Ireland, commented: “When it comes to our wellbeing, every day, little things can make a powerful difference – from the food we eat, to the activities we take part in… We’re thrilled to be able to play an even bigger role in supporting wellbeing, as we launch Yakult Plus.” Yoshimura added: “With a fresh look, a brand-new taste and the added benefits of vitamin C and fibre, we’re confident that Yakult Plus will comfortably find a place in everyone’s wellbeing routines. Plus, the bigger packs, and more sustainable packaging, helps to make looking after our wellness more convenient than ever.” Yakult Plus comes in a fridge friendly 8 x 65ml bottle pack with recyclable cardboard packaging. The cardboard outer packaging is also being rolled out to the rest of the Yakult range. Yakult Plus will soon roll out into selected UK retailers.


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