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ZenB expands into snacking category with cracker crisps

Plant-based food company ZenB has expanded into the snacking category with its latest product innovation, ZenB Cracker Crisps, made with yellow peas. The baked crackers are described as a flaky, airy, better-for-you snack, made with simple plant-based ingredients including olive oil and seasonings alongside the yellow pea base. ZenB Cracker Crisps are gluten and grain free. They offer 5g of protein and 3g of fibre per 27-cracker serving. The brand said it expanded its whole food offerings into the snack category in response to consumer needs, with research from the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center showing more than 90% of adults in the US eat one or more snacks per day. Currently available online, they join the brand’s existing portfolio of products including its yellow pea pasta, which is available at selected US retailers including Sprout Farmers Market as well as on Amazon. Hugo Pérez, chief storyteller at ZenB, said: “At ZenB, we know that people are looking to break their cracker boredom with bold tastes, amazing textures and exciting flavour pairings”. He added: “With the launch of ZenB Cracker Crisps, ZenB will be delivering on these needs as we boldly venture into the snack category with highly crave-able, better-for-you options”.


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