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Zenso announces entry into alcoholic beverage industry

Zenso Labs, a groundbreaking technology development company, has announced its entry into the beverage industry utilising innovative biotechnology to transform the future of alcoholic beverages. Based in Massachusetts, US, Zenso is focused on reusing brewery and distillery spent grains which are often the largest waste product involved in the brewing and distilling processes, representing up to 85% of the solid waste. Historically, solutions for repurposing spent grains have focused on livestock feed, often resulting in producers spending a significant amount to transport the grains. When not used, it gets sent to landfills emitting half a ton of CO₂ for every ton of spent grain that goes to waste. Zenso uses proprietary technology to convert the spent grains into premium ingredients that can be reused in the brewing and distilling process and as ingredients and food products. This technology will not only cut waste but also provide beverage producers the chance to use precision fermentation to refine and improve their practice. As well as licensing this technology to the industry, Zenso is releasing a line of “flavour-forward” hard seltzers and RTD craft cocktails as well as an emerging pipeline of novel non-alcoholic beverages and food products. Russ Heissner, founder at Zenso, said: "For decades, we've been thinking about how to make our industry a less wasteful one. More than ever, we see the earth as a stakeholder, and we've developed a groundbreaking way to make beverage production more sustainable. Lowering our climate impact, while reducing costs and inspiring new production possibilities is a win for all." Made from all-natural ingredients, Zenso's inaugural line of alcoholic beverages embodies the brand's commitment to sustainability and includes a pear ginger hard seltzer and a Moscow mule RTD cocktail.


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