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Parkside launches sustainable lidding films range
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

20 June 2023

Parkside launches sustainable lidding films range

Parkside has launched a new range of sustainable lidding films designed to tackle the packaging industry's sustainability challenges. The lidding film range – which has been launched as part of Parkside's 'Sustainable 7' product strategy – comprises renewable and certified compostable films, paper-based solutions and recyclable monomers. The range is augmented by its ParkScribe laser scoring technology, which allows for the production of PET lids that can be easily peeled and resealed, remaining intact throughout the recycling process.

Parkside said its home and industrially compostable duplex laminate films can be used throughout the supply chain for various food applications, and when paired with pulp trays, they become fully compostable. Moreover, Parkside also has an extended range of sustainable films that can provide a higher level of oxygen or moisture barrier for food items such as chilled meats, soft fruits, dairy products and more, helping to reduce the impact of food waste. Joshua Swann, head of technical at Parkside, said: “ParkScribe uses a laser to score substrates quickly and with micron-level precision. It means we can cut through only a few layers of the lidding material in specific areas to create a lid that peels away, then reseals without the need for additional glue strips, zips or stickers, which can affect recyclability. He continued: "When weld sealed to a tray, it is fully recyclable under current OPRL guidelines provided the polymer is the same as the one used in the tray, while still being easy to open and reseal to meet consumer demands for convenience". “This is just one demonstration of the innovation present in our lidding film range. Our latest range of recyclable plastic, 30%-plus recycled content, paper-based and compostable films enables customers to be flexible when developing packaging that perfectly suits the needs of their application.”

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