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Taste, texture and health: Food and beverage manufacturers can enjoy it all
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

24 May 2022

Taste, texture and health: Food and beverage manufacturers can enjoy it all

As the global food and beverage market continues to grow, so too does the level of competition.

How can manufacturers grow within these markets while addressing increasing consumer demands for delicious, nutritious and sustainable products?

It is a question that DSM has been asking itself for some time now: which is why the decision was made to consolidate its Food Specialties, Hydrocolloids and Nutritional Products businesses areas into one simplified, global food and beverage business group.

By bringing together its unique blend of ingredients, expertise and scientific solutions, DSM is now better placed to help the industry tackle a wide range of challenges, such as standing out from the competition by fast-tracking innovation cycles; realising production efficiencies; reducing costs; and hitting sustainability targets.

Above all, this strategic shift will support DSM in its ultimate goal of striving to achieve a world where food and beverage brands no longer have to choose between taste, texture and health (of both people and planet); and neither do consumers. They can enjoy it all.

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