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Absolut expands Absolut Nights range with new variety

Absolut Vodka has expanded its Absolut Nights shot range, with the launch of its second product, Nordic Spice. The new spirit, inspired by spices used in the Nordics, provides an “aromatic, high-energy" vodka that combines the spiced flavour of green cardamom with ginger and apple, delivering a smooth drink with subtle fruity undertones and a spicy kick. Absolut recommends serving the 35% ABV drink ice cold and neat, along with a ginger ale or apple juice chaser. The new flavour comes in a distinctive 700ml electric green glass bottle that been designed to capture the spirit of the Nordics' night-time city streets. The brand says that the new range marks a bold continuation of its long-standing commitment to providing fresh ways and different occasions to enjoy the iconic flavours of Absolut. Nancy Baghdadi, director for product portfolio and innovation at The Absolut Group, said: "The night out has always been Absolut Vodka's heartland, but today's generation of partygoers have an appetite for bolder flavours and innovative drinks. Absolut Nights Nordic Spice, like our first drink in the new shot range, Absolut Nights Smoky Piña, was another opportunity for us to tap into local culture through urban mixes with global appeal.” She continued: “Influenced by spices used in the Nordics, this fresh, spicy and smooth shot will excite existing Absolut fans and open a door to attract a new generation of consumers. We are continually looking to push the boundaries with daring and unique flavours in response to the tastes our consumers want. We’re confident this well-balanced juicy shot with a spicy kick will do just the trick.” Absolut Nights Nordic Spice will launch in China this month, with globally rollout from January 2024. You may also like to read:


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