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Campari Group CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz to retire

Campari Group has revealed that its longstanding CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz intends to retire after 18 years with the company in order to “pursue personal passions”. Kunze-Concewitz will step down from his position on 11 April 2024. Matteo Fantacchiotti, currently managing director for the Asia Pacific region, has been named deputy CEO and will assume the role effective immediately. Kunze-Concewitz will remain on the board as a non-executive director of the company. He first joined the company in 2005 as the chief marketing officer and was subsequently promoted to the position of CEO in 2007. During his leadership, Campari expanded its brand portfolio beyond its signature aperitif. In addition, Kunze-Concewitz has overseen 27 acquisitions since 2007 for an overall investment of €3 billion. Kunze-Concewitz said: ‘Leading Campari Group has been an incredible honour, the most exciting professional journey in my career...I am grateful for the trust and support that I have been always receiving from the management team and the board of directors, in particular our chairman. We have been working closely with our chairman and the board of directors to carefully prepare for this moment, as per the company’s corporate governance, enabling an orderly and smooth transition...I am very happy to pass the baton to Matteo, a top manager whom I personally recruited and who already contributed significantly to Campari, thanks to his leadership capabilities and deep expertise in the spirits industry, particularly in the super-premium end." Fantacchiotti added: ‘I feel honoured and proud about the appointment. Bob leaves Campari Group in a phenomenal position. The impressive achievements of the group under Bob’s visionary leadership are an inspiration for me to continue on this journey, building on our proven growth strategy in continuity with the past, combining a strong brand building with value-enhancing acquisitions." Luca Garavoglia, Campari's chairman, commented: ‘On behalf of the board of directors and personally, I would like to thank Bob for the amazing work done at Campari Group: During his tenure, Bob led our company to achieve incredible results, making Campari Group a jewel of the spirits industry. His great passion and dedication were also instrumental to create a global team of uniquely talented Camparistas, and he leaves Campari Group in a perfect position to unlock future growth opportunities. In this long-planned transition, together with the board, I am now pleased to see the baton pass to Matteo, a leader with great experience in the spirits industry, who will be able to continue the path that Campari Group has had so far, in continuity with our proven growth strategy.’


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