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Hunter & Gather expands supplements lineup

Health food company Hunter & Gather has extended its supplements range with the launch of two new “health-promoting” products, Collagen Creamers and MCT ‘Thrive’ Powder. The duo of Collagen Creamers – in raw cacao and vanilla flavours – are made with the brand’s bovine collagen peptides and other natural ingredients. They are designed to be stirred into coffee, providing a boost for skin, hair and nails and to support joint, bone and gut health. The brand also launched MCT ‘Thrive’ Powder. MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are a type of fat found in foods like coconut and palm oil that are said to help consumers lose weight and manage health conditions. Hunter & Gather’s ‘Thrive’ powder is made from its C8 and C10 Organic Certified MCT that supports brain health and energy. It comes in the form of an easy-to-dissolve powder format that can be stirred into drinks. Amy Moring, CEO and co-founder of Hunter & Gather, said: “In the health and wellness space right now, we’re seeing a growing trend for animal-based products that pack a punch when it comes to integrity, nutrition, and health.” She continued: “Our new Collagen Creamers, featuring our award-winning bovine collagen peptides, have all the benefits of collagen but in a tasty format that can be stirred into your morning coffee for a delicious and nourishing boost. Made using organic coconut milk, the natural sweetness comes from glycine, one of the primary amino acids in collagen, which enhances the natural flavours of vanilla and cacao with absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners. Plus, the raw organic cacao is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants and low cadmium.” “With our new MCT Powder, made using organic certified coconuts, we wanted to deliver all the benefits of our C8 and C10 MCT Oil (a brilliant natural support for brain health, energy and cognition) in an easy-to-dissolve powder format that can stirred into drinks or smoothies, with no oily consistency. To do this we used acacia fibre (a natural prebiotic) and absolutely no sugar, maltodextrin or palm oil.”


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