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Smugglers ice cream with hidden veg to launch in March

Smugglers, an ice cream brand made with hidden vegetables, is set to launch into Waitrose stores this March. Co-founder, Dan Lowe, commented: “Family meal-times can sometimes be a little stressful in our house, especially when it comes to getting the children to eat their vegetables. We know that first and foremost ice cream has to taste great for kids to enjoy it, but we’ve smuggled just enough veg into Smugglers so that you can’t see or taste it at all, but it also adds a little bit of goodness.” He added: “And because we’ve added in the veg it helps to reduce fat, has fewer calories and lower sugar... Smugglers also has a whole bunch of vitamins in it – so now you can get full-on flavour with added goodness in every scoop.” The brand is initially launching with two flavours, Chocolate with hidden beetroot and Vanilla with hidden parsnip and is priced at £5 per 460ml pot.


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