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Srsly Low Carb enters jam category with two new flavours

The Srsly Low Carb brand has entered the jam category with the release of its new Mixed Berries and Raspberry jams. Srsly’s Mixed Berries and Raspberry jams contain 17 calories, 2.9g of net carbs and 1.9g of sugar per jar. Andy Welch, founder of SRSLY Low Carb, commented: “Three years of pro-active ‘No Sugar’ development knowledge has helped but our customers ultimately shape the final product. Our Jam vision was to make a nearly zero-sugar alternative that mirrors a top-quality jam.” He continued: “From the first dollop on the toast to the lingering experience of fresh fruit flavours building towards a gentle fruit sour bite at the back of the mouth crescendo but with a lot less calories and sugars.” The Srsly Low Carb jams will be available online from 23 January with an RRP of £3.99 per 190g.


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