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FoodChain ID and ReSeed announce agri-food supply chain partnership
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

29 November 2023

FoodChain ID and ReSeed announce agri-food supply chain partnership

FoodChain ID, a provider of sustainability certification, has partnered with ReSeed, a source of full lifecycle carbon credit traceability, to enhance transparency in the measurement and verification of sustainable practices in the agri-food supply chain. The partnership aims to promote a healthy planet by using the unique expertise of each company. It will focus on encouraging, measuring and verifying progress in carbon sequestration through regenerative agriculture practices under a new carbon credit verification standard.

The carbon credit verification initiative encourages farmers to invest more in regenerative agriculture practices while adhering to European Union deforestation-free regulatory requirements. By integrating the programme with various farm-level audits – such as Organic (EU, USDA and others), Globalg AP, RTRS, RSPO, Bonsucro or ProTerra – the collaboration offers efficiencies for farmers. The first joint programmes have launched involving nearly a thousand farmers in Brazil to implement deforestation-free, regenerative practices. ReSeed, with its AI-powered digital ledger transparency platform, will gather and process data for carbon credit measurement protocols. This process enables monetisation and incentivisation of farmers adopting sustainable practices in their fields. ReSeed's team will further use its legal and technical knowledge to validate carbon estimates according to international standards. Additionally, it will offer field technical assistance to categorise eligible farmers based on sustainability standards for farming activities.

Meanwhile, FoodChain ID will serve as the exclusive verifier for the carbon credit partnership under ISO 14065 accreditation. FoodChain ID's technical experts will conduct annual audits of farm practices, adhering to international sustainability standards. This adds third-party credibility to the measurement of carbon sequestration in the soil.

Heather Secrist, senior vice president of technical services Americas at FoodChain ID, commented: “FoodChain ID is proud to partner with ReSeed as the exclusive third-party verifier for this breakthrough partnership, which incentivises the agri-food supply chain to adopt more sustainable practices". "Together with the recent launch of our new global standard for Regenerative Agriculture Certification, today’s announcement affirms our commitment to contribute to a sustainable and healthy planet, while supporting the livelihood of farmers and a transparent agri-food supply chain.” Zak Zaidman, co-founder and president of partnerships of ReSeed, added: “Incentivising and supporting farmers to steward carbon through regenerative farming practices is crucial in the pursuit of a healthy planet. The carbon credit verification partnership announced today with FoodChain ID as the exclusive, independent, third-party verifier increases transparency and trust across the global agri-food supply chain." "ReSeed will continue to work closely with global brands and their supply chain to invest in sustainable and regenerative practices to secure the future of both their business and the planet.”

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