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Visy completes AUD 48m Australian facility upgrade
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

31 May 2023

Visy completes AUD 48m Australian facility upgrade

Visy, a packaging and recycling company based in Melbourne, Australia, has invested AUD 48 million (approx. $31.3 million) to upgrade its recycling and manufacturing campus in Gibson Island, Australia. The company says the upgrade is part of Visy executive chairman Anthony Pratt's commitment to invest AUD 2 billion (approx. $1.3 billion) over the next decade – with AUD 700 million (approx. $456.7 million) of that in Queensland – to reduce landfill waste, cut emissions "and create thousands of green-collar Australian manufacturing jobs".

Pratt said: "This is a very proud day for our company because we are not only manufacturers, we are actually in the landfill avoidance business, which is good for greenhouse gas reduction as well because as things decay in the landfill, they produce methane gas which is 84 times worse for climate change than carbon dioxide. So recycling is an important weapon against climate change.” The project aims to redirect up to 39,000 tonnes of material away from landfill by using a new paper optical sorting plant.

According to Visy, the company will recycle and remanufacture the kerbside waste obtained from numerous households across Queensland into 100% recycled paper and corrugated boxes to the state's farmers and renowned food and beverage companies, instead of going to landfill.

Visy stated that the upgrade was made possible due to co-investment support from the Queensland Government "and is set to reduce landfill by up to 20kg per Queensland household annually".

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