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DSM-Firmenich expands lactase enzyme range

DSM-Firmenich has unveiled Maxilact Next, which the company says is “the fastest pure lactase available on the market”. Maxilact Next enables customers to achieve a 25% reduction in hydrolysis time, producing lactose-free milk faster than its existing range of efficient Maxilact lactase enzymes. The new enzyme enables lactose-free milk producers to optimise production, increase capacity and use raw materials more efficiently – without affecting the taste of the milk-based products. Rodolfo Garza, global business development manager of milk and plant-based alternatives at DSM-Firmenich, said: “We’re proud to introduce Maxilact Next to the market – the fastest, purest, most efficient lactase enzyme solution in our portfolio yet. In the current market context, efficiency is crucial to keep up with demand and stay cost-effective. Our Maxilact range delivers optimised capacity without significant capex investment while maintaining the high quality that consumers expect.” DSM-Firmenich says that 70% of consumers worldwide are unable to properly digest lactose and that its portfolio of Maxilact enzymes provides solutions for manufacturers to optimise their raw material usage, increase yield and productivity, and maintain the highest quality standards.


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