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Heinz debuts Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli sauces in latest retail expansion

Kraft Heinz Company is bringing two new limited-edition sauces – Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli – to retail shelves after successful restaurant tests, marking the first time the consumer brand has launched products from its foodservice channel into grocery stores. The sauces, featuring bolder global flavours like black garlic and harissa, are exclusively available at Walmart and Target stores nationwide in the US. "Seeing the irrational love the drops generated – particularly Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli – we knew we had to bring these products to store shelves nationwide so the rest of the country to enjoy them," said Katie Peterson, director of Heinz Innovation at Kraft Heinz. The move aligns with the consumer packaged goods giant's strategy to leverage its foodservice arm to test new products with consumers before scaling them to retail. The company said it used real-time insights from the restaurant tests to inform the national rollout. "This next step in the 'Sauce Drops' programme underscores Heinz's strategic approach to consumer-first innovation," Peterson added.

Heinz's research shows younger consumers, especially Gen Z, are increasingly seeking out more globally inspired flavours and cuisines. The Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli sauces cater to this trend, offering unique taste profiles compared to the brand's traditional condiments. The Walmart-exclusive Black Garlic Ranch blends the deep flavour of black garlic with the creaminess of ranch, while the Target-exclusive Harissa Aioli combines a smoky roasted red pepper blend with a spicy flair.


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