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TopGum unveils iron-rich gummies

Israel-based gummy supplement manufacturer Top Gum has unveiled its latest concept, IronGum, high-dose iron gummies. TopGum says that the plant-based gummies do not have the metallic taste ‘typical of iron supplements,’ providing a ‘pleasant flavour and smooth texture’. The gummies were developed to help consumers overcome obstacles with taking iron supplements, eliminating the need to swallow larger pills, as the World Health Organization has reported that 25% of the global population is iron deficient.

The gummies are made with TopGum’s proprietary TopCaps microencapsulation system that masks unpleasant flavours while efficiently supplying active ingredients. The line features iron (ferrous fumarate) in various doses – the gummies can be fortified with vitamins such as C and B12, among other nutrients. These strategic fortifications help ensure that the body absorbs and utilises the iron effectively, addressing common gaps in conventional iron supplements. TopGum formulates with ferrous fumarate as it provides a higher concentration of elemental iron per dose compared to other iron forms while also offering better absorption. Furthermore, ferrous fumarate tends to cause fewer gastrointestinal side effects, such as constipation or stomach upset, making it a preferred choice for individuals who experience these problems. The clean-label pectin-based gummies contain zero added sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols and are made with only natural colours and flavours. Doron Delouya, chief product officer for TopGum, said: “IronGum combines TopGum's proprietary Gummiceuticals and TopCaps technologies to deliver a high-dose iron supplement without the unpleasant metallic aftertaste. The patent-pending Gummiceuticals technology makes great-tasting chewable gummies with no added sugar.” He continued: “The formula uses fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) fibres, which are plant prebiotic dietary fibres with natural sweetness. FOS fibres get digested only once they reach the colon. These natural prebiotic fibres ease digestion and enhance nutrient absorption.” TopGum’s CEO Eyal Shohat added: “This dual strategic tech integration demonstrates TopGum’s deep commitment to promoting wellness, strengthening immunity and broadening accessibility. It gives individuals with dietary restrictions or sugar sensitivities a seamless solution to meet essential iron needs.” The company, which launched high-dosage caffeine gummies last year, will exhibit the IronGum gummies at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, Switzerland, from 14-16 May.


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