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World Plant-Based Innovation Awards 2023: Winners announced

This afternoon at Plant Based World Expo North America, we were thrilled to unveil the winners for the World Plant-Based Innovation Awards 2023! This year's new innovation categories have posed an exciting challenge for our panel of judges, who had the tough job of selecting the best of the best from the plant-based industry this year.

View all results below.

Plant-Based BeverageWINNER TCI Co. Ltd. - VeCollal® Biomimetic Collagen FINALIST HiBarlee - Black Sesame Barley Drink FINALIST GoE Wellness - Healthfullicious'ly M’ylk - Creamy Plant Based Hemp Drink FINALIST Vietnam Soya Products Company - VEYO YOGURT - PLANT-BASED DRINKING YOGURT FINALIST Ripple Foods - Ripple Kids Unsweetened Original Plant-Based Milk COMMENDED HiBarlee - Hazlenut Barley Drink COMMENDED HiBarlee - Barley Grass Barley Drink

Plant-Based ChocolateWINNER Nature's Bakery - Brownie FINALIST LANDBASE CO. LTD - CHOCDAY - Dark Premium FINALIST 7th Heaven Inc - Peanut Butter Cream Chocolate Treat FINALIST 7th Heaven Inc - Pistachio & Halva Cream Chocolate Snack Bar FINALIST 7th Heaven Inc - Caramelized Coconut Chocolate Snack Bar FINALIST VGAN - VGAN Pink Love raspberry and almonds

Plant-Based CondimentWINNER Fabalish - Organic Vegan May FINALIST Yarty Cordial - Black Garlic Vinegar

Plant-Based Convenience productWINNER OnlyEg™ (by Float Foods Pte Ltd) - OnlyEg™ Poached Eg FINALIST ZENB - ZENB Agile Bowls FINALIST CropEats - CropLets FINALIST Daiya Foods - Daiya BBQ Plant-Based Chick'n Style Thin Crust Pizza FINALIST Borealis Foods - Chef Woo Spicy Tequila Lime Ramen Cups

Dairy alternativeWINNER JULIENNE BRUNO® - Burrella® FINALIST The Simple Root - The Simple Root Smoked Gouda Artisan Cheese-Style Spread FINALIST Armored Fresh - Almond Milk American Sliced Cheese FINALIST Planteneers - Parmesan Cheese FINALIST NURISHH INCREDIBLE DAIRY - NURISHH INCREDIBLE DAIRY ANIMAL FREE CREAM CHEESE FINALIST Climax Foods - Climax Blue COMMENDED SimplyV - Simply Plant-based Cream Cheese COMMENDED GoE Wellness - 'EMPIE vanilla

Plant-Based Dessert/confectioneryWINNER Sprout Dynamics ApS - High-Fiber Sweet Delicacy Butter (HFB) FINALIST OCHO Candy - Plant Based/Vegan Classic Caramel in Dark Chocolate FINALIST Whoa Dough - Whoa Dough Chocolate Chip Bakeables FINALIST GoE Wellness - Pineapple & Coconut | Protein & Vitamin Truffles FINALIST Fabalish - Classy Chocolate Brownie Bites with hidden whole veggies FINALIST Bubbies Ice Cream - Bubbies Plant-Based Rich Chocolate Ice Cream Mochi COMMENDED GoE Wellness - Chocolate & Ginger | Protein & Vitamin Truffles COMMENDED CropEats - Croplets

Plant-Based Functional productWINNER ZENB - ZENB Spaghetti FINALIST PGP International - BioHemp Crisp FINALIST CropEats - Croplets FINALIST Borealis Foods - Chef Woo Ramen Flats FINALIST OnlyEg™ (by Float Foods Pte Ltd) - OnlyEg™ Poached Eg COMMENDED - Belgian dark chocolate coated SALTY CARAMEL FIBER BAR with sweetener COMMENDED Szafi Products Kft. - Szafi Life Special Flour Blend

Plant-Based MeatWINNER MyForest Foods - MyBacon FINALIST Myrtle Greens - Vegetarian Plus Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings FINALIST NotCo - NotChicken™ Crispy Patties FINALIST Beleaf - Plant-Based Smoked Chicken Drumsticks FINALIST Green Wolf Foods - Vegami /vəˈgɑ mi/ — vegan salami FINALIST The Mushroom Meat Co. - Beefless Tips COMMENDED Planteneers - Chicken Breast COMMENDED Nasoya - Plantspired Gochujang Plant-Based Steak

Plant-Based Protein WINNER ChickP Protein Ltd - Chickpea Protein Isolates FINALIST Fable Food - Fable Meaty Pulled Mushrooms FINALIST GoE Wellness - Nutrilicious'ly Hemp Protein Powder FINALIST Planteneers - Steak Filet FINALIST Lypid - Lypid Pork Belly FINALIST Borealis Foods - Chef Woo Ramen Flats

Plant-Based SeafoodWINNER Beleaf - Plant-Based Shrimp FINALIST Vegan Zeastar - Plant-based Sushi Rolls - Spicy No Tuna FINALIST Mind Blown™ by The Plant Based Seafood Co. - Mind Blown™ Crab Cakes FINALIST DSM Firmenich - Plant-based (pea) canned tuna FINALIST Planteneers - Salmon Filet

Plant-Based SnackWINNER dsm-firmenich - Vertis™ CanolaPRO® nutrition bar with cranberry FINALIST Beleaf - Plant-Based Jerky Thai Hot & Sour FINALIST GoE Wellness - Healthfullicious'ly Cocoly FINALIST Planteneers - Salami Stick FINALIST Surapon Foods Public Company Limited - "Gyoza of the World" COMMENDED The Simple Root - The Simple Root Salsa Con Queso Dip COMMENDED Buono (Thailand) Public Company Limited - Thai Crispy Rice Noodle Snack-Mee Krob (Shoyu Flavor) COMMENDED GoE Wellness - Healthfullicious'ly Morning Flapjack

Health innovationWINNER NutriLeads - BeniCaros FINALIST CropEats - Croplets FINALIST doTERRA - MetaPWR Advantage with Collagen + NMN FINALIST Szafi Products Kft. - Szafi Life Liquid Iron Supplement

Ingredient innovationWINNER Aliga Microalgae - White Chlorella - a sustainable algae ingredient with neutral colour and flavour. FINALIST NutriLeads - BeniCaros FINALIST OnlyEg™ (by Float Foods Pte Ltd) - OnlyEg™ Eg Yolk FINALIST Royal Avebe - PerfectaSOL™ D520 FINALIST Kerry Group - SucculencePB FINALIST Royal Avebe - Next generation potato protein - PerfectaSOL® S FINALIST Chinova Bioworks - Chiber FINALIST The Mushroom Meat Co. - Flexible Ingredient Platform (FIP) COMMENDED IFF - SUPRO® TEX COMMENDED LITHOLIFE SEAWEED MINERALS - SEAWEED CALCIUM

Technology innovationWINNER Planteneers GmbH - Plantbaser FINALIST OnlyEg™ (by Float Foods Pte Ltd) - OnlyEg™ Eg Yolk FINALIST Clextral - Galaxy texturization technology for extruded alt-meat and seafood FINALIST Sprout Dynamics ApS - Industrial seed sprouting

CSR/sustainability initiativeWINNER SunOpta - SunOpta

New/start-up businessWINNER Green Wolf Foods - Green Wolf Foods FINALIST CropEats - Croplets FINALIST Elato Artisanal Ice Cream and Gelato - Dark Chocolate Truffle Vegan Gelato

Packaging designWINNER Yarty Cordials - Coronation Violet Cordial

Foodservice initiativeWINNER Borealis Foods - Chef Woo's Whole Grain-Rich Ramen for Schools FINALIST The Simple Root - The Simple Root UK Cheddar-Style Sliced Cheese & Nanny Bill's FINALIST The Mushroom Meat Co. - Versatile Alternatives to Raw Beef + Pork


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