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Heinz partners with chicken shop Morley’s on latest NPD

Heinz has partnered with London-based chicken shop chain Morley’s for its latest launch, Heinz x Morley’s Fried Chicken Sauce. The sauce – a blend of sweet and spicy flavours – contains tomatoes, paprika, onions and a hint of chilli. Designed to pair with fried chicken, it can also elevate a range of cuisines from spiced grilled lamb to halloumi and rice. The sauce first appeared last year when it was available exclusively in a number of Morley’s London chicken shops. “Seeing the reception to our sauce last summer was truly mad," Shan Selvendran, Morley’s co-owner, said. "We knew we had fans, but we couldn’t predict the sauces going missing and people messaging us to ask where they could buy it, it was unexpected! We’re excited to work with Heinz and bring our fans what they want. It’s going to be a dream come true to see our family business’ name in supermarkets across the country!” Thiago Rapp, head of sauces at Heinz, added: “Heinz x Morley’s Fried Chicken Sauce is a flavour bomb; sweet and spicy, designed to take your meal to new heights. Fried chicken is one of Britain's most consumed dishes, more so than fish and chips! So, it made perfect sense to bring together our passion for making the nation’s most loved sauces, and the cult-love for Morley’s. We’ve created a sauce that enhances the flavour of any dish, whether you’re a fried chicken aficionado or simply love good food, this sauce is a game-changer.” This is the latest in a number of Heinz innovations from Kraft Heinz. Earlier this month, Heinz partnered with Mattel on a new vegan 'Barbiecue' mayonnaise, and in February the brand unveiled a limited-edition pasta sauce, The Godfather, which it developed with film production company Paramount. That same month, Heinz collaborated with Cathedral City on new cheesy baked beans and in November it unveiled a new pickle-flavoured tomato ketchup. The sauce is available to purchase in major UK retailers from today, for a RRP of £3.39.


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